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Snap On Loupe Light



Unmatched Durability in a Tiny Light

We focus on enhancing your clinical experience and elevating your clinical skill level so you can be the best in all that you do. The lightest loupe light ever with ultra high lux output. Percision made from aircraft grade alloys.

These loupe lights fit securely on ANY loupes without the need to drill any additional hole. You can install the loupe lights yourself  using the magnetic mounting clamps included with every kit. You can it's reverse the modifications anytime you like by removing the magnetic attachment.

​Light-to-Loupe Mounting Bracket/Attachement

​Light-to-Loupe Attachement Availiable for These Loupes

  •  Orascoptic Flip Up Purchased BEFORE  2002

  •  Orascoptic Flip Up Purchased AFTER 2002

  •  Orascoptic TTL


  •  Surgitel Flip-Up

  •  Surgitel Radar TTL

  •  Surgitel A Wire TTL

  •  Surgitel Aero TTL

  •  Surgitel M frame TTL

  •  Surgitel Sundog

  •  Surgitel Half Jacket TTL

  •  Sheer Vision  Flip Up Purchased Before 2005

  •  Sheer Vision  Flip Up Purchased After  2005

  •  Sheer Vision  TTL

  •  Sandy Grendel

  • Design for Vision  Buddy Holly/ Yeoman

  • Design for Vision Retro

  • Design for Vision  Sport Mini

  • Design for Vision  Sport Regular

  • Design for Vision Nike Curfew

  • Deisgn for Vision Steam

  • Design for Vision Skylon

  • Design for Vision Skyview

  • Design for Vision Nike Pounce

  • Design for Vision Nike Revolve

  • Design forVision Titanium


  • Lumadent TTL

  • Lumadent Flipup

  • Carl Zeise: Galilean Flip Up (Cone Telescopes)

  • Carl Zeise: Prismatic  Flip Up (Long Cylindrical Telescopes)


  • Q Optics: TTL

  • Q OpticsFlip Up


  • Perioptix Flip Up BEFORE 2010

  • Perioptix Flip Up AFTER 2010

  • Perioptix TTL


  • Rose Flip Up


  • Heine  BEFORE 2009

  • Heine  AFTER 2009


  • Universal Attachment

If you see your loupe on this list, any Snap On Optics loupe light will fit securely on your loupes

In The Box

Impact resistant carrying case holds everything you see here + your loupes
Solid metal plug and 5 ft long synthetic cable resists everyday wear and tear.
High power charger recharges your battery in 3 hrs.
Two Included. Touch and Click Sensitive. 16 hrs continuous run-time. Zero memory
50,000 Lux in a 3grams light
You get two options for keeping the cord attached to the side of your loupes.
Increases your working time by keeping light sensistive materials from hardening prematurely.
Clips the cord to the back of your collar for greater comfort and wearability
All tool needed to install you light on to the loupes for the first time are included.



Battery Specs:


Battery Type: Lithium Ion. 2 comes per kit.

Battery Life: 8hrs on high, 10 hrs on med, 16 hr on low

Charge time: about 3 hrs

Snap On Loupe Light Specs

Weight: 3 gr (about one paperclip)

Dimensions: 22mm long, 18mm wide

Brightness 10,000 - 50,000 Lux

Loupe mounts: Fits all loupes

Beam Color: 5600K (closest to natural light)

Cord Material: Synthetic rubber with all metal plug

Up to
16 Hrs
3 g
in weight
100% Made in USA.
Snap On Loupe Light Kit $550
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Hands Free Sensor Even Works Though Your Gown.

Keep it clean avoid cross contamiantion. Easily turn your loupe light on or off using your forarm or elbow. Just press on the front panel to activate your loupe light.

Convenient and easy to use. Just push the finger print icon to turn on or off. Virtually eliminate accidentally turning your loupe light on and off.

Touchless ON-OFF
Made To Last Stainless Steel Belt Clip

Stainless steel spring securely holds your battery pack to your scrubs or white coat. It clips to your side just like a cellphone.

Secret Compartment

Every Snap On Loupe Light carrying case comes has a secrete compartment that keeps accesories and spare parts hidden until you need them. You can also keep manuals and prescription pads here. When we say all-in-one carrying case we mean it.

Have everything all in one protective carrying case. Every loupe light kit we send comes with it's own carrying case that holds and protects your loupes, lights and both batteries. It's just nice to have everything in one place.

All In One Carrying Case

Everyone has unique loupes and preferences. Every loupes light kit comes with two ways to securely attach the cord to the side of your loupes

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